We were asked to complete two days of surveillance of the claimant in an effort to determine the nature and extent of his activities.  We obtained video tape footage of the claimant playing football.  We taped him running, tackling, being tackled, falling to the ground and rolling back to a standing position, squatting, holding a football, etc. 

Injured Worker Plays Football comp claim debunked vlcsnap 2017 08 28 16h37m40s036


Claimant with Right Shoulder InuryInvestigate kayaking claimantWe completed three days of surveillance of the claimant who was alleged to have a right shoulder injury. She was restricted from lifting more than 5 pounds. Video was obtained showing the claimant paddling a kayak with both arms, driving, walking, pulling a kayak with her left arm, and closing a vehicle door.


We were asked to complete three days of surveillance of the claimant claiming right calf and ankle injuries.  The claimant was filmed lifting her large dogs into her vehicle, purchasing and loading 30 bags of mulch into her vehicle and performing yard work and gardening around her home.

claimant caught defrauding insurance Survellance of claimant Survellance of claimant doing yard work insurance fraud surellance


We received a request to conduct eight hours of surveillance of a claimant who was alleging an injury to her right wrist. The claimant rode horses in two races at a local horse track.  She placed 1st in the first race and did not place in the second race.

We obtained videotape depicting the claimant riding a horse in a race, standing and conversing with a horse owner and riding a horse in a second race.

Claimant with Wrist Injury - Wins Horse Race Insurance Claim Find Fraud Comp Claim Fraud - Wrist Injury


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